Now You’re Cooking Thanks To The Best Propane Grill

Why grill with propane over charcoal or wood? For starters, grilling with propane is a time saver. Turn a knob and-poof! A flame to grill on and with minimal time to reach grilling temperature, around 300 to 400 degrees. The myth that propane creates a “gas” flavor is non existent. No one would barbeque with propane if taking a bite of your steak made you feel like you were at the gas pump- and there are tons of options out there to inject specific smoke wood flavors in your food while still using propane.

That being said, how do you choose the best propane grill?

Propane grills can range anywhere from $300 to a couple thousand dollars-but buying one doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Don’t need to spend a small fortune, just look at how the grill is constructed. Look at how the fire box and lid is fabricated. Generally a grill box should be constructed out of large pieces of stainless steel, without a lot of wields. This is not only going to be sturdier, but will allow the grill to stand up to high heat for years. Same goes for the legs of a barbecue, is it manufactured in short pieces, held together with a lot of nuts and bolts? All nuts and bolts can loosen over time, causing leg stands to warp and wobble. Choosing a grill with wheels is an obvious plus-who wants to call a couple friends every time you need to move your barbecue?

Grilling is a fun social event for the family. After mastering burgers and hot dogs, you might want to try your hand at other meats and vegetables. The best propane grills out there are going to have a variety of temperature settings on their burner knob. Without the ability to turn flames down to a low setting you’re going to dry out your delicate piece of fish and incinerate your veggies. How much BTU’s does a grill put out is another question. Though not always an exact measurement of heating ability, (poor box construction can cause a loss of heat) British Thermal Units are a world-wide measurement for raising the temperature of a substance by one degree fahrenheit. The more BTU’s your grill can put out, the greater the capability it has to create a high, long lasting heat. Something to think about too when grilling indirectly, or beside a heat source. The best propane grills are going to have to put out a good amount of BTU’s to heat the space inside your grill box.

Since the first propane grill came out in 1954, Americans have fallen in love with gas grilling-and for good reason. The ability for grillers to turn down or turn up heat, rather than stoking or removing coals, has been a big game changer. The best propane grills also have accessories available to change your grilling experience. Large single side burners can heat up water quickly, boiling that fresh crab or lobster. Some propane barbecues have pizza oven and griddle attachments.

These are just a couple good things to consider before purchasing your gas barbecue. Another thing to consider-don’t forget to kiss the cook.

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