Circumstances That May Require You to Take Temporary Auto Insurance

Certain situations may prompt you to take auto insurance, but temporarily and separate from the existing policy.

Hiring a temporary driver

Most policies can accommodate people you have given consent temporarily. But other policies only cover only those who are listed in the agreement. If your relative, friend, or another person is driving your car for a short while, contact your insurance provider to see if they are included in the policy.

Most of the times, your child coming home from college are included in the cover, but only if they are driving for not more than 30 days. If the cover doesn’t include them, calculate how much it would cost to add them versus getting a temporary auto insurance.

The short-term cover is separate, and any damage or accident on the car covered by the temporary auto insurance will not make a claim against the regular cover, and this will save the policyholder from extreme premiums, and the driver will instead be responsible for the charges.

Safeguarding against various risks

If you have someone who is still learning how to drive, or you want to include a person with different driving habits, then it is wise to consider taking a temporary auto insurance and protect them against any harm. Also, the policy will protect you from the normal, and safeguard your insurance benefits and premiums.

The other driver may be careful or conservative than you, in this case, it may be cheaper to get a separate temporary auto insurance. However, with all these deductions, it all comes down to the premium to be paid with the risks being higher than considering both policies. If a short-term policy covers you, any accident that occurs will be on your record.

Placing your car in storage

Even if you put your vehicle in storage, you should still insure it. This is because your state may need you to deregister otherwise, and yet, there is a risk of damage or theft. A temporary auto insurance can be a great alternative to retain the minimum liability coverage as well as protection to a car in storage.

Comprehensive cover usually covers theft and damage cases while the car is off the road. You can always consider the cover when it’s time to take your vehicle back on the road or purchase a regular protection if you are a plan to commute on it every day.

Using a rental car

This is also another reason that may prompt you to get a temporary auto insurance, especially when you are on vacation or your car in the shop. While most insurance providers cover for rental insurance, the temporary cover might be cheaper than the insurance offered by the rental car agency and this is a great way to protect yourself. Also, many credit cards firms provide secondary cover for collision alone. What they want is for you to file a claim first.

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