A Review on the Nautica Beach Umbrella

There’s no better place for you to spend a warm sunny day than on the beach. It’s full of fun, and there are lots of activities to engage in. You can always protect your skin using sunscreen but having an umbrella also has its advantages. Being in the sun for long can cause sunburns and other skin complications. Plus the reflective water surfaces increases the chances of getting sunburns. Having a beach umbrella to shade you is a great idea.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella comes in handy in protecting you from UV rays. It should have an outstanding design so that it compliments your outdoor look. You should choose an umbrella that can give you shade not only in beaches but also in your backyard or pool. You should select a size that is convenient. A 5-foot wide umbrella can be inconvenient if you intend to cover more than two people. But 8 feet wide can shade around five people. The fabric should be durable and able to deflect sunlight.

There are lots of beach umbrellas on the market. However, not all will meet your expectations. You have to do in-depth research before buying one. Today, we are going to focus on the Nautica Beach Umbrella.


The product is a favorite among its users because of its performance. It is hard for you to find one in both online and actual stores. The beach umbrella receives positive comments from customers on sites such as e-bay and Amazon. They are affordable and are long-lasting.

The Nautica Beach Umbrella is 7-feet wide and is therefore very large. It has an open ventilation that aids in neutralizing strong winds. Plus it also offers fantastic sun protection. Guaranteeing that your skin will be safe from the UV rays.

The Features

  • Its 7 feet wide. Therefore able to cover your entire body.
  • They are very affordable. You can purchase several.
  • There are several colors to choose from. You can, thus, pick the one with your favorite color.
  • It has a sand screw that enables it to hold firm on the sand.
  • It has fiberglass ribs. Therefore, it can last for long.
  • The steel poles are rust resistant and have a two-way tilt base.
  • It has an open ventilation to that allows for the regulation of strong wind.
  • It has a UPF50+ designation. It’s capable of protecting your skin from UV rays.

The Pros

It’s the best type of protection from the sun. Unlike sunscreen, you don’t have to apply it. All you need to do is open your beach umbrella and begin enjoying yourself.

They are cheap. You can, therefore, purchase a number of them, for your family or friends.

The product has lots of positive reviews on Amazon and eBay. The umbrella can, therefore, be perceived as satisfying the needs of its users.

It can serve you for long because the ribs are made of fiberglass. Plus the poles are rust resistant. You need not worry about the umbrella getting into contact with water.

The Cons

Getting your hands on it is difficult. It’s popular, no wonder most stores are out of stock. But you can check at Sears which offers free shipment of the umbrella.

As you can see, the Nautica Beach Umbrella comes with several advantages that make it the ideal beach umbrella. It has a very high rating and is a favorite among lots of people. It’s well reviewed on Amazon, and you can go check them out if you still have doubts.

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