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A Review on the Nautica Beach Umbrella

There’s no better place for you to spend a warm sunny day than on the beach. It’s full of fun, and there are lots of activities to engage in. You can always protect your skin using sunscreen but having an umbrella also has its advantages. Being in the sun for long can cause sunburns and other skin complications. Plus the reflective water surfaces increases the chances of getting sunburns. Having a beach umbrella to shade you is a great idea.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella comes in handy in protecting you from UV rays. It should have an outstanding design so that it compliments your outdoor look. You should choose an umbrella that can give you shade not only in beaches but also in your backyard or pool. You should select a size that is convenient. A 5-foot wide umbrella can be inconvenient if you intend to cover more than two people. But 8 feet wide can shade around five people. The fabric should be durable and able to deflect sunlight.

There are lots of beach umbrellas on the market. However, not all will meet your expectations. You have to do in-depth research before buying one. Today, we are going to focus on the Nautica Beach Umbrella.


The product is a favorite among its users because of its performance. It is hard for you to find one in both online and actual stores. The beach umbrella receives positive comments from customers on sites such as e-bay and Amazon. They are affordable and are long-lasting.

The Nautica Beach Umbrella is 7-feet wide and is therefore very large. It has an open ventilation that aids in neutralizing strong winds. Plus it also offers fantastic sun protection. Guaranteeing that your skin will be safe from the UV rays.

The Features

  • Its 7 feet wide. Therefore able to cover your entire body.
  • They are very affordable. You can purchase several.
  • There are several colors to choose from. You can, thus, pick the one with your favorite color.
  • It has a sand screw that enables it to hold firm on the sand.
  • It has fiberglass ribs. Therefore, it can last for long.
  • The steel poles are rust resistant and have a two-way tilt base.
  • It has an open ventilation to that allows for the regulation of strong wind.
  • It has a UPF50+ designation. It’s capable of protecting your skin from UV rays.

The Pros

It’s the best type of protection from the sun. Unlike sunscreen, you don’t have to apply it. All you need to do is open your beach umbrella and begin enjoying yourself.

They are cheap. You can, therefore, purchase a number of them, for your family or friends.

The product has lots of positive reviews on Amazon and eBay. The umbrella can, therefore, be perceived as satisfying the needs of its users.

It can serve you for long because the ribs are made of fiberglass. Plus the poles are rust resistant. You need not worry about the umbrella getting into contact with water.

The Cons

Getting your hands on it is difficult. It’s popular, no wonder most stores are out of stock. But you can check at Sears which offers free shipment of the umbrella.

As you can see, the Nautica Beach Umbrella comes with several advantages that make it the ideal beach umbrella. It has a very high rating and is a favorite among lots of people. It’s well reviewed on Amazon, and you can go check them out if you still have doubts.

Best RV Water Filters To Look For In The Market

One of the most essential tools you need to have while going out camping is an RV filter. An RV filter provides a faster way of purifying water that is thought to unsafe for drinking to clean water good for consumption. Although it is widely thought that much expensive RV filters are better off than the low cost ones, there is a range of low cost RV filters that works just as perfectly as perfectly as their deluxe counterparts, sometimes better. There are lots of other factors that are put into consideration other than the price. If you are planning to buy the best RV water filter, go through this list to gain more insights:

Watts POE12DSA1KDF Dual External RV Water Filter Kit

This RV filter consists of two miniature tanks suspended on the filtration apparatus and a rack for mounting it on walls and other convenient surfaces. It is a product of Watts Water Technologies which is renown in making water filtration equipment. Other than being manufactured by a reputable company, the kit measures 14.7 by 14 by 6.3 inches which makes it just compact enough to mount on most surfaces on your wagon as you filter the water. Its makers allege that water filtered by this kit comes out crispy with a pleasant taste. The filter of Watts POE12DSA1KDF Dual External RV Water Filter Kit can be easily and quickly removed when the need arise.

Culligan RVF-10 Level-1 Recreational Wagon External Water Filter

This RV filter is much smaller compared to most of other low cost RV filters in the market and has less complicated technology inside it. All the filtering happens through granular activated carbon which is a filtration element that you can assemble at home and assemble your own filter. But this is one is a little enhanced. One advantage that comes with its simplicity is that your water won’t have that chlorine taste you often get when using other filters. This RV filter has its filter cartridge enclosed in a much stronger plastic casing and has capability to generate 250 gallons of water before replacement.

Darly Inline RV Filter

It uses a much higher quality activated carbon. This increases the amount of water it can filter in its lifetime which is longer than that of other RV filters in the same class. It can last a season with its ability to filter 8000 gallons of water. What sets it apart from most of other RV filters is its capability to eliminate harmful metals from such as Lead. It features a built-in hose adapter.

Watts 520022 RV Boat Duo External Water Filter with a Garden Hose Fittings

This is one of the most excellent water filtration options for you. Drinking water often has microorganisms lurking inside waiting to infect the drinker and cause diseases. This RV filter destroys such microorganisms especially the Giardia and Amoeba parasites which can be found in stream water. Its filter’s GPM flow is 2.5 which make water to flow slowly enough for complete filtration. The design is unique and complies with plumbing codes just like moist of other filtration equipment from Watts Water Technologies.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Camping Chair

Camping chairs, or folding chairs as they are sometimes called are a good investment to purchase, especially if you’re the more active sort, or if you spend any amount of time outside sitting at all. Many people purchase camping chairs yearly, but choosing the most comfortable camping chair can be rather tricky sometimes. This is because every person has their own idea of what they consider to be the most comfortable, though taking a look at ratings, one could assume which chair is the most comfortable camping chair. There are also a few different things to look for when trying to choose the best possible camping chair such as:


How padded a camping chair is will help determine how comfortable the chair is, for example, one pick for the most comfortable chair would be the Ozark Trail High Backed chair due to it’s high backs and padded areas. The back of the chair is padded for comfort, and the material is strong and comfortable. Ozark Trail is a premier brand and is often the creator of many highly rated products, this chair being one of them. One should look for a decent amount of padding in the correct places when it comes to finding the most comfortable camping chair. Little to no padding creates a more firm service, which can become uncomfortable after long periods of sitting.


Decent camping chairs will also be made of decent materials. Our top choice earlier, the Ozark Trial chair features high quality materials to create a soft, comfortable and durable sitting experience. This will be true of comfortable camping chairs. Flimsy and scratchy materials will become uncomfortable or even break, leaving the user disappointed and uncomfortable.


It’s understandable that the most comfortable camping chair would come with some extra features, such as adjustable legs, a head rest, a cup holder, extra padding and more. These are just a few things to look for when looking for a comfortable camping chair that will be a delight to use but will also hold up under excessive use. Extra features are often a mark of any well made chair, the more features the better the chair usually is. Standard and cheaper chairs are usually less comfortable than those with extra features and finer materials.

Finding the most comfortable camping chair could be an ordeal at times, especially since there are so many to choose from. However, once you know what you’re looking for the situation should become much easier and less stressful to deal with. While there are many choices, the most comfortable will usually be easy to see, and this is due to the fact that cheaper, less featured chairs usually feel cheaper and less comfortable. Once the elimination process has been completed, the chair that feels most comfortable to you should remain, making the choice easier than you once believed.

Now You’re Cooking Thanks To The Best Propane Grill

Why grill with propane over charcoal or wood? For starters, grilling with propane is a time saver. Turn a knob and-poof! A flame to grill on and with minimal time to reach grilling temperature, around 300 to 400 degrees. The myth that propane creates a “gas” flavor is non existent. No one would barbeque with propane if taking a bite of your steak made you feel like you were at the gas pump- and there are tons of options out there to inject specific smoke wood flavors in your food while still using propane.

That being said, how do you choose the best propane grill?

Propane grills can range anywhere from $300 to a couple thousand dollars-but buying one doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Don’t need to spend a small fortune, just look at how the grill is constructed. Look at how the fire box and lid is fabricated. Generally a grill box should be constructed out of large pieces of stainless steel, without a lot of wields. This is not only going to be sturdier, but will allow the grill to stand up to high heat for years. Same goes for the legs of a barbecue, is it manufactured in short pieces, held together with a lot of nuts and bolts? All nuts and bolts can loosen over time, causing leg stands to warp and wobble. Choosing a grill with wheels is an obvious plus-who wants to call a couple friends every time you need to move your barbecue?

Grilling is a fun social event for the family. After mastering burgers and hot dogs, you might want to try your hand at other meats and vegetables. The best propane grills out there are going to have a variety of temperature settings on their burner knob. Without the ability to turn flames down to a low setting you’re going to dry out your delicate piece of fish and incinerate your veggies. How much BTU’s does a grill put out is another question. Though not always an exact measurement of heating ability, (poor box construction can cause a loss of heat) British Thermal Units are a world-wide measurement for raising the temperature of a substance by one degree fahrenheit. The more BTU’s your grill can put out, the greater the capability it has to create a high, long lasting heat. Something to think about too when grilling indirectly, or beside a heat source. The best propane grills are going to have to put out a good amount of BTU’s to heat the space inside your grill box.

Since the first propane grill came out in 1954, Americans have fallen in love with gas grilling-and for good reason. The ability for grillers to turn down or turn up heat, rather than stoking or removing coals, has been a big game changer. The best propane grills also have accessories available to change your grilling experience. Large single side burners can heat up water quickly, boiling that fresh crab or lobster. Some propane barbecues have pizza oven and griddle attachments.

These are just a couple good things to consider before purchasing your gas barbecue. Another thing to consider-don’t forget to kiss the cook.