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My Dog Pulls No More

As many out there know, I love dogs. Who wouldn’t, right? But as much as we love our animals, pet owners know that sometimes our pets can be difficult. My problem came in the form of a giant dog with a giant sense of adventure, which in turn left me behind her like a person tied to the back of a horse. However, I believe I have come to the perfect solution to my problem, so I thought I would share. First, a little backstory. I love my dog, but after her growth spurt she is a lot bigger and a lot stronger than I thought she would be. Buying more food and dealing with a big puppy isn’t a problem, but walking at the park had become a struggle. Many of my readers may have dealt with this same problem in the past, but I want to emphasize just how much of a struggle I had with my dog pulling, and what my solution was.

Going to the park with a dog that constantly pulls is kind of embarrassing. It’s as if she is broadcasting to the world that I don’t know how to train her, and that I am actually too weak to keep her in line. With leash laws, it became near impossible to go out with my dog to public places. I first tried training her with some tips I read off of the PetSafe website but that didn’t quite do the trick. This left me with a bit of dread before going to the park, something that I never thought I would feel. Each day all I got was an out of control dog, raw hands, and out of breath, until I found my solution. I found the best dog leash for pulling.

There are actually lots of no pull leashes out there, but many of them look hurtful to the dog. If you’ve ever seen the metal spiked leashes, you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t want to hurt my dog, but I needed something that actually worked. When I am home, I have one of those electronic leashes so my dog doesn’t leave the yard, but unfortunately that wouldn’t work under these circumstances. That’s when I read about the 2 Hounds Wholesale “Freedom No Pull Harness”. Out of all the leashes I have tried, this is the best dog leash for pulling.

The great thing about this brand of leash is that it doesn’t hurt your dog. That’s because it is more a harness than it is a leash that goes around their neck. The harness goes around their front quarters, so while your dog feels it is in control, it is actually you calling the shots. The leash is great because it seems like half the time my dog doesn’t even realize that the leash is preventing her from darting off in any direction. Instead of hurting her, it lightly tightens around her front quarters when she begins to pull, causing her to ease up. It is a lot more gentle than other leashes I have seen, and its up to my dog to decide the amount of pressure she is comfortable with. The awesome thing about these leashes is that they aren’t too pricey, and they come in a ton of different colors. I never thought I would say it, but my dog longer pulls on our walks, and we look pretty stylish while doing it.

All You Need To Know About Why A Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner Is A Great Investment

Dirt Devil steam cleaners are an underrated cleaning tool and one that is perfect for a wide variety of uses. If you’re still on the fence about steam cleaning and need a little more convincing, read on to find out why you should pick one up as soon as possible.

What Is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning uses a high-powered vacuum and a heater to boil water and create steam. This will then be focused on dirty areas to blast off grime, stains, and other nasty buildup. Steam cleaning is often a process used in industrial and commercial areas, but it can be adaptable for home use.

For example, a Dirt Devil steam cleaner is a useful way to clean your garage floor. It can also be used to clean your kitchen or your driveway. There are multiple benefits of purchasing a steam cleaner, especially one made by Dirt Devil.

Benefits Of A Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner

Why should you buy a Dirt Devil steam cleaner instead of one from a competitor? Dirt Devil is one of the longest lasting, most successful, and respected cleaning companies in the world. Their 111-year history is built on providing consumers with high-quality cleaning tools that do the job right and which are fairly priced.

Dirt Devil is also dedicated to providing safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Steam cleaning uses no harsh chemicals and requires very little power to work. As a result, it has quickly become one of the most environmentally safe ways to clean a home, office, or factory.

Interesting Ways A Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner Can Be Used

One cool fact about Dirt Devil steam cleaners is that they can be used in a variety of unique and interesting ways. Some of the most popular alternative uses for a steam cleaner include the following:

  • Cleaning tile and grout: this is a particularly powerful way to prevent mildew and mold from growing in your home
  • Managing dust on your ceiling fan blades: use the handy long-arm extension to carefully clean the dirt and dust off of your fan blades
  • Breaking dirt off outdoor items: pool tiles, side walks, grills, and patios that have a high level of dirt and stains can be easily cleaned with a high-powered Dirt Devil steam cleaner
  • Removing oil and grease from your car: a focused blast from a steam cleaner is an effective way to eliminate dirt, grease, and oil buildup from your engine and your car
  • De-wrinkle clothing: low-powered application of steam can help remove the damaging wrinkles that impact clothing: should be avoided with clothes with labels that indicate steam cleaning is not possible, such as cotton fabric
  • Strip wallpaper: if you are looking to add new wallpaper to your home and aren’t looking forward to spending hours peeling it off, a Dirt Devil steam cleaner can do the job for you

What Do You Think?

Are you convinced that a Dirt Devil steam cleaner is right for you? Then consider picking one up today at your local hardware. They remain one of the most popular and powerful steam cleaners on the market, which should make it fairly easy to find one for relatively low prices.