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My Take On Coleman 10 Person Tents

When I think of group camping, I would prefer perfect weather so everyone can sleep around the fire, but that is never guaranteed. However, it has been proven over and over that people who spend more time outdoors are healthier, and not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Companies that make camping gear have provided solutions for this issue, with many very large tent options. One such company, Coleman, has two 10 person tents that are worth looking into depending on your needs. I have had great experiences with Coleman tents 10 person.

Group camping can be a ton of fun, especially if everyone is comfortable. So it’s a good idea to spend time considering what all is needed by your group. Are you seasoned campers with experience using more complicated equipment, or do you indulge in group camping only occasionally? These are very good questions to ask when considering what type of tent you will need.

Also, will there be bad weather? Are you planning to stay a while? If the answer to both these questions is ‘yes’, then your group would benefit a lot from the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent. It is designed for high winds (up to 35 mph!), and has a lot of heavy duty features for heavy rains, snow, and the hardships of extended camping. So, for the three weeks of spring break, or that month long wilderness trek this summer, you will enjoy your time outdoors a lot more with gear that can withstand some abuse. It has two rooms as well, which can provide some privacy, or is just easier to use and organize. There is a very effective built in ventilation system, which helps a lot with the heat, as well as any unpleasant overnight releases from campmates. Believe me. The windows are designed to keep rain out, even if they’re open, which really helps if a day hike gets rained out, and you can’t get back to close up the tent. I’ve had a great deal of fun with this tent.

On the other side of that coin is the lighter camping model. The Coleman InstantUp 10 person tent can be set up in just 2 minutes. So, if the focus of your group camping trip is just a quick weekend getaway with 9 of your closest pals, then this is a great option for your needs. I went to a wedding last summer, and slept in one of these. The weather was pretty nice, but the mornings were very dewy. This tent stayed dry as a bone. Also, it has a lot of large windows and a porch-like protrusion. So, even without the specialized ventilation system, this tent still caught just about every breeze that came by. The person who I stayed with uses this tent a lot and loves it.

Hopefully, it’s a priority in your life to spend more time outdoors. I know it is in mine. Camping in particular has a long gritty and glorious history, even including the westward expansion of America, where a pioneer’s home was essentially a campsite for as long as it took. Today, we don’t have to suffer quite as much discomfort as they did, thanks to companies like Coleman.

Whitening Strips Reviews of Rite Aid Whitening Strips

Are you searching for teeth whitening strips? Do you need a strip that has enamel-safe ingredients and is capable of effectively removing stains and spots from your teeth? If yes, your search ends at Rite Aid whitening strips. It can get quite confusing while choosing the whitening strips that will suit your requirements as the market is almost overloaded with such products from different brands. However, if you know what features you are looking for, it will be easy to choose the right one. In case you are not sure, reading through several whitening strips reviews can help you a lot to zero in on the right strips suited to give back your teeth their original color. Rite Aid strips have been praised by several whitening strips reviews for their gentle cleaning properties. What’s more, they won’t hurt your pocket either.

Why Rite Aid Whitening Strips?

Among the various whitening strips that are available in the market today, this brand has peroxide-free strips, which means less chemical and better enamel health. These strips, also as many whitening strips reviews will tell you, are dissolving strips and have 0.2 fl oz accelerator. Available in minty fresh flavor, these strips have no doubt worked on the ‘feel-good’ factor quite effectively!

Rite Aid whitening strips reviews also reveal that these dissolving strips are best for users who suffer from peroxide sensitive teeth and gums. The results too are fast enough to notice as you just need 3 days of use of these strips to flaunt visibly whiter teeth.

Product specifications

According to whitening strips reviews, each of the strips in Rite Aid whitening strips pack has dimensions of 4.9 x 4.85 x 1.8 cm. These strips are made available in a pack of 28 strips per unit.

How to use?

Rite Aid whitening strips reviews show that using these strips is really easy. You can do it at home every day at your convenience. You can start by applying the accelerator on your teeth. You have to press it on the surface of your teeth. Next, you have to tear the pouch containing these whitening strips open, peel one strip away from its backing carefully and place it on your teeth. With this, the process is done. Now all you have to do is to wait for almost 10 minutes. By then, the strips will be completely dissolved leaving a mint fresh flavor in your mouth.

When you are applying the strips, make sure you are not running your tongue on the outer surface of your teeth. Also, you should not drink or eat anything for fifteen minutes after the strips have dissolved, advice whitening strips reviews.


The Rite Aid accelerator has water and sodium chlorite as its ingredients while the strips consist of:

  • Glycerin
  • PVP
  • Water
  • Flavor
  • Citric acid
  • Polysorbate-80
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sucralose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Cellacefate

Popular whitening strips reviews published on reliable platforms recommend users with prior gum or teeth problems as well as pregnant or nursing women to steer clear of Rite Aid whitening strips.

Guidelines to Becoming a Product Review Expert

Many Consumers these days tend to read product reviews before they make a choice on the type of product to purchase. This is very popular for internet users who prefer to buy products online. For retailers and marketers to improve the sales of their products they must adapt to this growing trend. They should school themselves in writing informative reviews that are guaranteed to arouse the interest of consumers and contribute to revenues. For those who sell using online platforms the immediate goal is to increase traffic to their sites.

What does the Report Entail?

To begin writing your own product reviews is not difficult. All it takes is creativity and focus. First you must fully grasp what it entails. The definition varies from one source to the other but a summarized version would be a report that gives a professional opinion about a product. Some literary sources term it as a comparison between various products. The report can be written in the local dailies, the web or even using audio visual mediums. Once this is understood the logical move is to commence the writing process. Another thing to note is different countries have different laws regarding product reviews and it would be wise to be knowledgeable on this front.

Length is Important

An initial step is to always keep the review short. Why do we say this? Whenever a consumer decides to read them he/she is searching for information about the product from the users. What she is not looking for is an in depth report on all the specific details about the item. The writers should pinpoint a single feature and explain it in detail. This way it is highly likely the reader will view it instead of dismissing it due to the length. Remember though you are making it shorter do not omit any technical details as they are sought by consumers. A proper product review should have a minimum 300 words and maximum of 500.

Be captivating and Positive

A reader can also get the gist of the review in the first few lines. If the sentences are dull and boring he will simply skip and move on to something interesting. To avoid such a scenario, it should be written with a lot of enthusiasm. Do not overdo it as it may end up looking like a sales pitch which is not the purpose.

Information on how much they end up saving in term of time and money are strong points to interest the consumers. If they like your report they will be inclined to ask for further information.

To make a good product review expert you should consider going out and trying the product yourself. The reason is customers get more convinced when you give them your personal experience rather than a summarized manual. You can state how to use it, whether or not it was of superior quality, the impact it had on your life and recommendations to consumers.

As you delve into the world of product reviews these simple guidelines will prove helpful. You can also get more detailed information on how to write great product reviews from these websites and online forums. Otherwise it is time to take your business to the next level.